Friday, 3 June 2011

Show us urr desktop.

Post your print-screen and post it on your blog. Hopefully this will go far and we'll all have hundreds of followers! 8D

My view on piracy

It's like an alien race cloning an entire planet and /PLAYING TEAPARTY/ing everyone there. You aren't harmed but damage is being done.
Files don't feel.
What people do feel is when they worked for 3 days ACTUALLY editing a video for the first time, putting little animations where all of the music came in, so that people would be able to look up the artists afterwards, mixing the tracks up to create something that went with the theme, and then having the entire video blocked by /IDIOTS/, because aparently I stole someone's sale. My computer crashed after uploading that video -I actually had to reinstall my operating system, so I thought "at least I had it backed up, using /IDIOTS/'s awesome downloading feature that publishers seem to have now." Apparently  /IDIOTS/ doesn't do that for "copyrighted" material.