Monday, 31 October 2011

Omegle 31/10/11 - Poetry in Motion

Stranger: m20

You: Oh hello there.

You: I'm a lady don't you know

You: I have nothing on from head to toe.

Stranger: u wanna fuck?

You: Truely

Stranger: take my cock in ur mouth

You: I am but a lady, I will do not such a depravity. instead kneel at my feet and i will with you what for.

You: I say as i remove my once dry draw.

You: I hike up my skirt and get ready to squirt.

You: A hot stream of piss sprays across your brown belt.

Stranger: r u a psycho or sumthng........u turned me off


You: Now, shall we continue?

Stranger: k.......

You: So I grab you by the head to my second best bed.

You: Tonight shall be the nigh you learn to give head.

Stranger: u seem to b wild in bed

Stranger: i want u rite now

You: I potion your mouth above my hot spread

Stranger: i want to grab ur tight pussy

You: and your lick and suck my clitoris, quite red

Stranger: u turned me off for the 2nd time:)

Stranger: :(

You: Aww.

You: Sorry, what do you find a turn off?

You: it clitoris too clinical?

Stranger: ur poetry.....:)

You: But my poetry is what keeps my bowels in motion.

Stranger: haha

Stranger: ;D

You: Brewing my heat like the irish ocean

Stranger: i want u rite now........seriously

Stranger: u r one of a kind:D

You: Ok, can i be serious with you too?

Stranger: k.....go ahead

You: I'm a 17 year old guy, who likes to troll with inventive sexual pranks.

You: You seem pretty cool.

Stranger: i knew dat:D

Stranger: dat wz one of a kind man

You: do you play minecraft at all?

Stranger: lol!

Stranger: wer r u frm?

You: I have a group of friends who troll on here and stuff,

You: England. I was 'speaking in the queens tongue as it is'

Stranger: i hope i wont meet u again on omegle:D

Stranger: bye........

You: no emai?l

You: what's your name so i know who you are anyway?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Some american pseudoscience for ya!

Just thought this was a pretty funny video, about the power of the penis... and how people can get addicted to it's GREAT ENCODED WISDOM!!
This post is dedicated to theqwertykid