Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ok. let's write.

Ok. let's write something..


Got it.
Green hills of grass, and the sweet smell of pollen surrounded the happy duo. Laughing innocently to themselves over their mischief. Henry, the oldest of the two, wearing cargo shorts and a raincoat smiled at his brother. Their summer had been full of fun and adventure. And it was only half finished.
Greg, the younger brother. Wearing jeans and a raincoat. Held up the fish that they had caught. It flapped in the air, opening and closing it's mouth, eyes wide open as if attempting to tell the boy's the secrets of the universe with it's final seconds of life.
Henry frowned at it for a moment. Thinking back at what he had learned at school. He knew that the fish was probably in a lot of pain. It was practically drowning in air. Henry felt a bit sick at what they had done. It was only for a bit of fun. But they had caused another creature so much pain as a result.
Henry opened his hand. Gesturing to his brother that he wanted to hold the fish himself. He held it by it's tail. Head down, the fish swam in the air, with about half of the ferociousness it had after they had cleared it of the water. Henry took the knife he had taken from the kitchen sink earlier, and pushed the tip of the blade into the middle of the fish's neck.
Gently pushing the blade into the flopping creature, henry angled his arm so as to make a smooth cut up it's stomach. When he did, a horrible smell came out of the fish, as it's filling was pulled out of it by gravity. looking down at where the guts were flowing Henry saw that Greg had placed a tubblewear bowl under the fish. It was probably in the expectation that Henry would drop the fish, what with it's continuous flapping. But the bowl also worked quite well as a slurry pot too.
Henry looked back at the fish's head, removing the knife from it's innards. It just stared at him, slowly opening it's mouth for the final time. Henry realised that the fish wasn't trying to talk to him.
It was trying to scream.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Let me take you on a Journey.

Tomato ketchup and semen dripping from my lips I realise the emptiness that society has rought. And I weep.
Tears of chocolate and Marmite smear over my cheeks as I take the last of the ragged breaths, that allow me to believe I am 'alive'. It is a lie I create for myself, as others are too busy believing the lies of others.
My cock twitches as I release the final load. A feeling like blunt rubber rubbing against my veins makes me moan. I cup my hand around my penis to gather the seed. I pour the white liquid in to the half empty bottle of ketchup. Thumb over the top I shake it.
I pour the frothy concoction into my gaping mouth. Gag reflex only a small pulse, as the thick mess flows down my throat. I think of my friends, free in a world that is but a walled enclosure. I pass out.