Sunday, 22 January 2012

Let me take you on a Journey.

Tomato ketchup and semen dripping from my lips I realise the emptiness that society has rought. And I weep.
Tears of chocolate and Marmite smear over my cheeks as I take the last of the ragged breaths, that allow me to believe I am 'alive'. It is a lie I create for myself, as others are too busy believing the lies of others.
My cock twitches as I release the final load. A feeling like blunt rubber rubbing against my veins makes me moan. I cup my hand around my penis to gather the seed. I pour the white liquid in to the half empty bottle of ketchup. Thumb over the top I shake it.
I pour the frothy concoction into my gaping mouth. Gag reflex only a small pulse, as the thick mess flows down my throat. I think of my friends, free in a world that is but a walled enclosure. I pass out.


  1. LOL OMG THAT WAS WEIRD, but awesome cool post lol

  2. haha what the fuck is going on. I'm intrigued enough to follow.