Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hello Again.

So It's the Christmas holidays today and to celebrate I've decided that I'll change my sleep schedule to something more exiting.
Something like:
21:00 = Sleep for 20 minutes
23:00 = Sleep for 20 minutes
01:00 = Sleep for 20 minutes
03:00 = Sleep for 3 hours.
If that theory is correct I'll be able to gain the same benefits of a 8 hour sleep. But I'll only have to be unconscious for 4 hours! Which means way more drawing and writing. Maybe I'll spend my extra time looking for a job to pay for clothes and stuff. Very exiting stuff.


  1. lol good luck. my predictions 01:00 = sleep for 12 hours.

  2. Oh damn. Year I slept for 10 hours at 21:00. >.< Drastic measures will be taken.