Sunday, 18 December 2011

Project: 4 hours - Drastic measures.

In light of the failure of Day 01 of 'Project: 4 hours' -Where i plan to only sleep for 4 hours a day without sleep deprivation. I will be taking drastic measures to keep this schedule. That means 4 music alarms (from my phone), 2 BEEP BEEP alarms (from my dual alarm clock), and one big ass horn (from my ipod which i will plug into my guitar amp.
Drastic measures will ensure the completion of Project: 4 hours.


  1. I need my mandatory 10-12 hours of sleep a day or else i get cranky...

  2. Thanks for Commenting.
    And I'm like that but I really need these extra hours right now. many people have done this before me so I'm sure that If I'm strict I can find a way to do it.
    Btw, are you sure that you're getting enough food? Diet is one of those things that effect your ability to sleep and all.

  3. that doesn't sound like it will work...

  4. Interesting, are you attempting one of those special sleep cycles?

    I've heard success stories with just 2 hours, so 4 hours doesn't seem impossible.