Tuesday, 20 December 2011

There's thirteen As in the word Saaaaaaaaaaaausage. But my url has 14.

I write this fifteen minutes before my first sceduled nap. hope all goes well and I only sleep for 20 minutes. But I'm tired as fuck after all that.. Wait, all I did was go to the movies and sit on a reasonably comfortable chair for it's duration. :J I'm such a lazy bastard.
So It's day 3 on the Project. And I've not been successful yet. :P Maybe I should do pressups as soon as I get up like I do before school. Always wakes me up.
And to anyone interested I managed to hit the 100 mark on my press-up routine thingy, this morning. That's 20 -breather- 10 -breather- 20 -breather- -five minute rest while listening to No Agenda- and a whole like of 10s and 5s while my muscles tried to give out on me.
8< Never give up the fight.


  1. Just keep at it , ul get stronger as time pass's. Just be consistant thats the most important thing

  2. I could sleep for 20 hours before I sleep for 20 minutes.

  3. ill sleep when im dead.
    keep blogging:)

  4. Whenever I take a 20 minute "nap" it becomes 2 hours. Every single time. :(

  5. "SLeep is for the week and feeble" - HUnter Thompson